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1 Month - FatFighter Package


The Fat Fighter package consists of strict preset exercise and nutritional protocols. The protocols will be adjusted slightly where needed for individual requirements. Full commitment and dedication is required to undertake and get the most out of this programme due to the very short duration. Lose a phenomenal amount of fat for only USD$49.75 per week 

Package includes: Basic Assessment, Nutrition Plan, 4 Week Exercise Plan, Online Monitoring

3 Month - BE Beautiful Package


A true transformation package for only USD$40.75 per week. 12 weeks is a great amount of time to invest to shape excellent physical change - long enough to see significant results, but not too long to be overwhelming.

Package includes: basic assessment, body composition analysis, specific nutrition plans and exercise programmes to achieve your individual goals, online/real time monitoring and support

Tailor-Made Package

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You are unique! So will your programme and our service, to gaurantee you get the results you desire. Our Tailor-Made package is for those wanting specific results with a premium and exclusive coaching service.

Package includes: basic assessment, body composition analysis, specific nutrition plans and exercise programmes to achieve your individual goals, online/real time monitoring and support


Knowledge is power, the power to feel great, be leaner, move better and have more energy. Body Expert Trainerize empowers you, so you can be successful in shaping your body and getting more enjoyment from your life. Our Online Coaching programmes are not automated... you will have direct contact with a coach, you will report your nutrition habits reguarly and your personal coach will closely monitor your exercise through the personalised Body Expert Systems Trainerise App.

Excellent, professional personal training is expensive. Body Expert Trainerize gives you access to all of Phil Kelly's and his Transformation teams knowledge and support to get fit, loss fat and look great at a fraction of the in-person cost. At the gym, in a hotel room, at home or outside, we strongly believe optimal health and fitness is achievable anywhere! 

Body Expert Trainerize will be instrumental in your personal fitness and wellbeing development. We dispel common myths and give you simple, easy to follow information and guidelines to guarantee great lifelong results.

Body Expert Trainerize provides:

Simple, Healthy Principles to Follow: 

There can never be only one diet that works for everyone. Phil Kelly and Body Expert Systems can assess your personal requirements and provide nutritional advice that best suits your biochemical and cultural individuality.

Workout Schedules & Programmes: 

Learn key aspects that maximise metabolic function, optimise hormone & enzyme utilization and energy system efficiency to achieve your specific goal

We Show You:

What foods accelerate, and what foods slow or hinder, fat loss. Exercise programme designs that achieve the results you want... specificially created for you!

Lifestyle Matters: 

Your external environment affects your internal chemical balance and natural bodily processes. "75% of all illnesses can be attributed to lifestyle related causes." (US Surgeon General). Exercise and nutrition alone does not create the complete health & wellness picture. Body Expert Online Trainerize Application allows us to be with you every workout, follow your weekly progress, and adjust your rotuine when needed. 

Whatever Your Goal: 

Whether it be fat loss, muscle building, "toning", rehabilitation, endurance and performance, posture correction or simply feeling revitalized. We provide guidelines to show you the most efficient method to achieve any goal.

Anywhere Fitness & Health:

You may or may not have a gym membership. Fitness and health can be achieved anywhere! For instance, lets say an individual accomplishes 5 gym workouts (or home workouts) totaling roughly 5 hours per week; what do they do during the other 163 hours? It usually out weighs the 5 hours of focused physical effort. We achieve real change by providing assistance and support 24/7 through our Body Expert Trainerize App. We will be with you all the way...

Comfort & Confidence: 

Be confident that you will receive the best information available. Join Phil Kelly and the Body Expert Transformation Team from the comfort of your own home, in your own time, in the location/city/country that best suits you.

Know that where you find yourself tomorrow is a function of the positive decisions and actions you take today. Contact us now to make the change of a lifetime  :-)